Fruit-Glued Bars

energy bars part 5 · absolute simplicity without the expense

Four parts into a five-part series on energy bars, we’ve covered nearly every need. What more could we ask of an energy bar?

Intricate Assignments

a project-sized template for sitting gigs and other repeating tasks

Many chores at multiple frequencies? This recurring task log will help you avoid brown flora, dead fauna, and any number of other calamities.

Banana-Bound Bars

energy bars part 4 · rugged and adaptable, sans animal

Like Pepe’s Tri Bars, these are infinitely adaptable and difficult to destroy; yet even easier to construct. Who needs engineering when you have an overripe banana?

Pepe’s Tri Bars

energy bars part 3 · simple, reliable, nutritional perfection

The very best bar is as simple as this: Blend together equal amounts of dates, eggs, and nuts. Mix in twice that amount of… whatever the hell you want. Bake slowly. Chill thoroughly.