Spreadsheet Automation

you're working hard enough — get your computer to pull its weight

I don’t think you signed up to be a robot, and let’s be honest—you’re probably not a very good one. If you’re working with data and doing anything other than building formulas or writing code; if you’re dealing with many similar spreadsheets; or doing anything at all more than thrice, you’re probably wasting time, making mistakes... and profoundly bored.

The solution is easier than you might imagine: a few lines of code could have you processing data in microseconds, simplifying formula soup with concise custom functions, and even automatically managing folders full of spreadsheets.

Thank you for finding a way to automate the collection of this information. As someone who went through manually to verify changes ... I can only send you a world of appreciation for how much time you’ve saved.Administrative Assistantwith a lot more time on her hands
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)Custom functions and functionality for Microsoft Excel
Google Apps ScriptTap into the incredible power behind Google Spreadsheets

Code that Empowers

Artisan Analysis code is intuitively structured and heavily commented. Don’t want to be bothered with details? No need to look under the hood. But if you’re interested in learning, you’ll find no better tutorial than collaboratively working through your own particular automation needs. This is script you can study, extend, and repurpose. Built and delivered by folks who speak the English language before the programming ones.

There were significant portions of the system that I wanted to try to code myself using Excel VBA. Pepe has MUCH more experience writing code, but he has been very patient in letting me feel my way around the programming.Ben WangCTO, Dare Fashion

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