Obscure Optimizations

Engineered strategies for pleasure and productivity

What, the rest of this website isn't obscure enough for you?

Fair enough. Fear not.

More optimizations are coming, and they are all over the proverbial map.

In the meantime, you might be interested in exploring an actual map.

Or expending your nervous energy in the kitchen.

(Only to redouble it in the dining room.)

A Long Wander

an incomparable, if undirected, transcontinental meander

The relationship fails, but the telecommuting request goes through. What do you do? (Flee to Estonia, of course, but after that?) Buy a car. Point it westward. And embark on an unplanned and indeterminate ramble.

Joint Expense Accounting

figure out finances with your honey, roomie, or bestie

You don’t need a guy who’s “always a bridesmaid” to tell you relationships come with complications. But you might need his accounting template to ensure money is the least of them.

A System of Chili

universal methodology for spicy stew in any style

If you’re from Cincinnati, Kansas City, Michigan, San Antonio, or anywhere else in Texas, you already know how to make chili—and everyone else is wrong. If you’re from anywhere else in the country or world, you might be interested in an understanding of the stew that gets beyond regional rivalries.