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Infinite are the applications of extraordinary analysis. If it can be improved by powerful logic, intuitive design, or pristine organization (and what can’t?) Artisan systems can deliver the optimal balance of capability and value.

Frequently, the secret is spreadsheets. Apply uncommon skill to this familiar tool, and you can create customized systems that are truly the best of all worlds: the power of a database, without the opaque complexity. The user-friendly streamlining of an app, without massive investment of time and capital. With the exactly features you need; on a platform you already own and understand.

When the off-the-shelf solution is too expensive, complex, or limiting, but the home-grown hack leaves something to be desired; a bespoke system can yield comparable benefits at a fraction of the cost. Pareto would be proud.

Personalized ProductivityFor a single whole person, a custom holistic productivity tool. No number of generic apps could come close.


Targeted quantitative tools for sales, manufacturing, pricing, inventory, tracking, and forecasting.

Pepe has a great ability to absorb business concepts and translate them into technical requirements used to produce working models.Marketing Program Administrator


Personalized systems for organized, optimized living—work and pleasure, goals and gigs, from fitness and finance.

You are an excel wizard. I kind of want to hire you to make excel spreadsheets to fix all the disorganized aspects of my life.Multimedia Producer / Triathlete


Calculation tools and templates to streamline and standardize the work of computation and design.

This is a very good and intuitive calculator. Can’t wait to use it for the projects we are working on!Senior Project Engineer


Inexpensive, adaptable project and process management, designed specifically for your team’s unique goals and workflows.

I’m shocked (in a good way) that you completely revamped our clunker of a database in a day—very impressive!Senior Program Manager

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