Artisan Analysis

Bespoke systems and spreadsheet services

We solve problems. With spreadsheets.*

Artisan Analysis provides custom computational tools, organizational systems, and spreadsheet services—expertly hand-hewn solutions that leave generic tools, stock templates, and self-proclaimed spreadsheet gurus in the dust. Using a proprietary blend of analytical rigor and functional artistry, Artisan Analysis will make your data happier, calculations crisper, and processes more streamlined.

*Also web maps, websites, workflows, and whatever else it takes to improve your effectiveness and enjoyment, at work and in life.


Infinite are the applications of extraordinary analysis. If it can be improved by powerful logic, intuitive design, or pristine organization (and what can’t?) Artisan systems deliver the optimal balance of capability and value.


Love ’em or hate ’em, you’ve probably already discovered how useful spreadsheets can be. You might not realize just how powerful, reliable, and intuitive—even beautiful and pleasurable—they can become.


Microsoft Excel

unmatched experience and aesthetics on the industry’s standard spreadsheet

Pump calculator screenshot

Visual Basic

VBA macros and custom functions that are transformative yet approachable

vba code screenshot

Google Sheets

powerful spreadsheets that are always accessible and ideal for collaboration


Google Scripts

all the power of the internet, embedded in your calculations

Google Maps

any data, any style, any behavior: custom maps free from constraints


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