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These free tools cover a diversity of applications, and use a variety of platforms—you just might find exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Of course, you and your business are unique snowflakes with your own distinct analytical needs. Whatever they are, these tools may yet have great value: learn from our layouts. Copy our formatting techniques. Pilfer our code.

Most of all, get inspired: what tools would transform your life and business? Artisan Analysis can help you conceive and create them: powerful yet nimble. Streamlined and elegant. Built quickly, economically, and to your precise requirements.

This is a very good and intuitive calculator. Can’t wait to use it for the projects we are working on!Senior Project Engineer

Personal Finance

Group Expense Accounting
simplified settling-up, from bucks to beaver pelts
Joint Expense Accounting
figure out finances with your honey, roomie, or bestie


Typical Meteorological Mapping
NREL's TMY3 weather data, in the map it always deserved


Nutritional Cost Comparator
edible analysis when the missing ingredient is math


Intricate Assignments
a project-sized template for sitting gigs and other repeating tasks
..Task & Target Tracking..
(beta version in final testing)
..Decision Evaluation..
(alpha version in early testing)

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