Intricate Assignments

a project-sized template for sitting gigs and other repeating tasks

Cats & Tasks

1. There are many ways to skin a cat.
2. There are even more ways to schedule a task.

I was cat sitting in Denver when I found myself at the confluence of these truths: between the cats, lawn, garbage, garden, and house plants, there were scores of chores, each with a different assigned frequency. Feed the cats every morning and evening. Mow the lawn once a week. Water it every three days; greenhouse plants every other. Times ten.

If I couldn’t figure out how to do it all with perfect consistency, I risked brown flora, dead fauna, and any number of other household calamities—and I’d be the one getting skinned.

Scheduling Solved

What would save my hide was a special kind of chore chart:

  • One that provided great detail over a short time horizon.
  • That sifted through a huge list of tasks to highlight only those due.
  • That wasn’t bound to a strict schedule, but adapted to actual completion dates.
  • And that was shareable and kept a record what I’d done. (So that when the ferns wilted, I could prove it wasn’t for lack of watering.)

With a cat on my lap, I sat down with a spreadsheet. And thus Intricate Assignment was born: a recurring task log specifically designed for short-term projects with many chores at different but consistent frequencies.

check it outIntricate Assignment recurring task log on Google DriveFor short term projects with multiple repeating tasks. Instructions in the sidebar.

For sitters

Sitters of all stripes (cat- dog- garden- house-) should find this functionality ideally suited to their most particular employers and complex assignments. For each new gig, make a new copy of the template; populate it with all assigned tasks; and if you wish, share it with your employer to prove your competency and ease their anxiety.

For the sat

The converse use case may be even more compelling: that of homeowners and animal companions who commission sitting services. Compared to the typical practice—a rambling litany of instructions-in-prose—this template makes your instructions crystal clear; actively aids your proxy with reliability and timeliness; and keeps a real-time record of what’s getting done. In short, it helps ensure nothing is neglected; while letting you know if it is.

For more than that?

Are there other applications for such a specialized task management system? If there are, I’d love to hear how you put it to use: whatever this helps you manage, tweet or Instagram your unique use case #IntricateAssignment @engineerexplore.

Intricate Assignment screenshot