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No Filter: DC

a decaffeinated survey of Washington's public venues for work and study

Once upon a district

I for one have yet to find a truly exhilarating cubicle, but this one was especially dour. So I hit the streets in search of more energetic environs. And found, more places than not, a sea of laptops: I was not the first in this endeavor.

But I was perhaps the most meticulous, or the most inclined towards cartography, and soon a map and blog emerged: a log of my survey; perchance a guide to others among the roaming workforce.

“No Filter” it would be called, for in those early days I abstained from that ubiquitous stimulant of the Western professional. The aversion to coffee would not last long. The exploration lasted longer, ending only with the next (more wide-ranging) adventure with its own (fully continental) map.

If in your own explorations you find yourself in The District, desirous of caffeine or connection, let this map be your guide: click into any of the map markers for a concise summary of its characteristics and a link to the full review.

The Guide