Spreadsheet Aesthetics

aesthetic enhancement for form and function

Far from a superficial aesthetic consideration, the elegance of your analysis has crucial tangible impacts. Does your calculation’s form make it easy to follow its function? Do styles clearly communicate results without adding distraction?

Disorganized and stylistically-sloppy analyses waste time every time they’re reviewed or modified. They make errors more likely, and harder to find. And they make your colleagues and clients cringe with confusion. With a focus on functional beautification, you will delight them with clarity, accuracy, and efficiency. Before long, even the most technical among them might begin to gush about your artistry. You don’t have to tell them it’s really about efficacy.

This spreadsheet is a piece of art – it’s a pleasure to look at it!Energy Efficiency Engineer
Pump performance calculator: What began as a multi-page mess earned acclaim from appreciative engineers after an organizational and aesthetic overhaul.

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