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bespoke systems and spreadsheet services

Thank you for sharing your vision and expertise—it's having a profound influence on how we are doing things around here!Ben Wang, Co-OwnerDare Fashion


Yes, these people are talking about spreadsheets.

Amazing1 2 · A terrific advance over where we’ve been3 · Really cool5 · Super-cool6 · Wow2 7 · Quite honestly the best Excel spreadsheets that I have ever seen6 · Ten times better4 · User-friendly11 · Unforgettable4

Better than watching the (NCAA) game!8

(really3) Awesome1 6 · A whole lot simpler and less error prone 9 · The best by far10 · Easy and enoyable10 · Intuitive 11 12 · Tremendous3

1 Director of Operations · 2 Volunteer Coordinator · 3 Sr Vice President · 4 Energy Engineer · 5 Principal · 6 Analyst · 7 Sr Engineering Manager · 8 Project Manager · 9 Sr Project Manager · 10 Engineering Director · 11 Project Engineer · 12 Sr Project Engineer


All Artisan services; one sliding scale.

Evil Multinational$1500/hr
Standard Rate$180/hr
Small Business$160/hr

In increments as small as 15 minutes. Because that could be all the time it takes to save you a day of work or a lifetime of inefficiency.

I really appreciate that Pepe is a very good listener. He took the time to hear the whole scope of our operations before making some gentle (but very pertinent) suggestions for improvement.Ibid.
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