Experimental Expeditions

Journeys to the intersection of curiosity and cartography

A Long Wander

an incomparable, if undirected, transcontinental meander

The relationship fails, but the telecommuting request goes through. What do you do? (Flee to Estonia, of course, but after that?) Buy a car. Point it westward. And embark on an unplanned and indeterminate ramble.

High and Dry

adventures in the "highest, driest, coldest, windiest, emptiest place on earth"

Terra australis incognita: the unknown southern land. The seventh continent; the big kahuna. Antarctica. Like Shackleton before me, this frozen land was my destination. And this humble website was my blog.

No Filter: DC

a decaffeinated survey of Washington's public venues for work and study

I for one have yet to find a truly exhilarating cubicle, but this one was especially dour. So I hit the streets in search of more energetic environs. And found, more places than not, a sea of laptops: I was not the first in this endeavor.

Rachel Across America

two explorers, from two continents, in one borrowed car

Rachel: the youngest sister, and the last to take her cross-continental journey. David: their perennial guide. (Their mapmaker: who else?) Follow along as they conclude the trio of North American road trips in summer 2016.