Group Expense Accounting

simplified settling-up, from bucks to beaver pelts

Road trip. Stag party. Backpacking expedition. Whatever the occasion, wherever the destination, if you spent money with friends, it will invariably end with a summation of expenses and settling of debts. Whomever is most eager for reimbursement will throw together an ad-hoc spreadsheet, which despite considerable effort and good intentions, will be so scattered and sloppy that everyone puzzles over the logic the second-guesses the math.

No longer. The Group Expense Accounting Template is simple, clear, and powerful, with support for multiple currencies and every kind of shared expense.

This is the best spreadsheet I have ever seen. Thank you! My one complaint is that I would like to see more options for currency. We ended up bartering with a few beaver pelts, and I'm not sure how to account for that.Trip Accountantfor what was evidently
a group of sarcastic furriers

check it outGroup Expense Accounting Template on Google DriveFor all your adventures with others. Instructions are in the sidebar.
Extended Adventures?

The Group Expense Accounting Template is optimized for small groups on shorter trips. For long-term adventures with just one companion—like adventures of the romantic, familial, or otherwise cohabitational sort—try the Joint Expense Accounting Template. For everything else, get in touch. Larger expedition? Group living? Family finances? Apps are out there, but simple, shareable, customized calculation tools are most often the best bet.