Recently Engineered

Intricate Assignments

a project-sized template for sitting gigs and other repeating tasks

Many chores at multiple frequencies? This recurring task log will help you avoid brown flora, dead fauna, and any number of other calamities.

A System of Chili

universal methodology for spicy stew in any style

If you’re from Cincinnati, Kansas City, Michigan, San Antonio, or anywhere else in Texas, you already know how to make chili—and everyone else is wrong. If you’re from anywhere else in the country or world, you might be interested in an understanding of the stew that gets beyond regional rivalries.

How’ta Chowdah

clam, corn, fish, and beyond, in one rule and six equal parts

On the 6th of July, 2015, I made a Bad Chowder. In the year since, I’ve researched recipes, scoured dictionaries, computed ratios, and cooked countless batches—so that neither of us need ever again serve a substandard one.

Vermouth ingredients

Homemade Vermouth

'secret recipe' means 'try this at home'

Vermouth is a mysterious mixer made to secret specifications in Italy or France that gathers dust in your liquor cabinet. Until you spike a batch of wine tea.

Banana-Bound Bars

energy bars part 4 ยท rugged and adaptable, sans animal

Like Pepe’s Tri Bars, these are infinitely adaptable and difficult to destroy; yet even easier to construct. Who needs engineering when you have an overripe banana?