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Partsalways “by volume”

In service of minimalism and versatility, most of our master recipes are specified in “parts”. Which might strike you as ambiguous, as parts come in all sorts: Spare parts. Lady parts. Parts of speech. Parts unknown. Specifically, though, you’re most likely wondering whether our parts are “parts by volume” or “parts by weight”.

Each has its advantages. Specifying proportions by weight? Pro: more precise and repeatable. Con: tedious at best; impossible in most home kitchens. By volume? Lower precision means (slightly) more variability of results and greater reliance on intuition and adaptation. But easy to execute anywhere, with any vessel, in metric or imperial or neither.

“Parts by weight” has its place. That place is the The Break Bakers Guild of America, and this ain’t it. Unless otherwise specified, “parts” in Kitchen Minimal are always “parts by volume”. You could use cups, half-liters, jiggers, mugs, mason jars, graduated cylinders, or even handfuls—just keep them off the scale.