Kitchen Minimal


Peanut Sauce

reliable deliciousness in six liquid adjectives

For years and years, I thought peanut sauce was made with two ingredients. For years and years, I made miserable peanut sauce.

Fruit-Glued Bars

energy bars part 5 ยท absolute simplicity without the expense

Four parts into a five-part series on energy bars, we’ve covered nearly every need. What more could we ask of an energy bar?


Italian vegetable soup, perfectly proportioned & passably pronounced

Pronounce the classic Italian soup with a silent “e”. Cook it reliably with four sets of three.

A System of Chili

universal methodology for spicy stew in any style

If you’re from Cincinnati, Kansas City, Michigan, San Antonio, or anywhere else in Texas, you already know how to make chili—and everyone else is wrong. If you’re from anywhere else in the country or world, you might be interested in an understanding of the stew that gets beyond regional rivalries.